Sol-Ark Inverter Monitoring and Display

Sol-Ark Inverter Monitoring and Display

The following are the Sol-Ark inverter installation instructions.

If you want to access your solar system online, you first need to create a Sol-Ark account, and here is a video tutorial on how to do it. 

With an account in place, you get the inverter connected to the internet and here is a video on setting up the communication dongle that comes with the inverter.

There is also a really good video on how to commission a Sol-Ark inverter, which essentially is 'what to do after it's turned on'.

all of the information and settings available on the Sol-Ark app are also available in the graphical user interface built into the inverter. 

Hopefully this gets you a good jump start on the display and monitoring of your Sol-Ark inverter.  We are available for any specific questions or concerns you've got and are happy to have your back every step of the way.

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