Troubleshooting Power line noise

Troubleshooting Power line noise

Power line noise is electrical interference caused by other devices sharing the same electrical wiring at the same site. This interference inhibits IQ Gateway communication with the microinverters, resulting in inconsistent production reporting in the Enphase Installer Portal.
Common causes of power line noise
• Power strips
• GFI outlets
• Dimmer switches
• Appliances with heavy motors (refrigerators, washing machines)
• Security systems
• Bad circuit breakers

In addition to relocating the device, Enphase also recommends trying to isolate the source of the power line noise by installing ferrite toroid rings on the suspected circuit.
If the system is still impacted by power line noise even after relocating the device and installing ferrite rings, the best practice is to install a dedicated circuit off the main service panel to isolate the system’s power. Please contact an electrician to do so. After installing a dedicated circuit, the installer can install ferrite toroid rings at the new location for extra precaution.


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