Installing Consumption CTs for Consumption monitoring

Installing Consumption CTs for Consumption monitoring

Consumption monitoring is an optional feature of the Enphase system that measures the energy usage in your home. It measures the use of electricity in your home. It is a measurement of how much and when you are using electricity and is does not indicate either "good" or "bad" energy usage patterns. How you use electricity in your home will vary tremendously from how your neighbor uses electricity, for example. If your electric rate schedule is a time-of-use rate schedule, you are paying more for electricity during peak hours. Generally, for residential customers, peak hours are in the early to mid-evening, when most people have returned from work and are at home.

In the example below, this homeowner has opted to run their electric clothes dryer in the morning, to avoid the expense of running it during peak hours when the cost of electricity is higher.

How to install consumption monitoring CT on an Enphase solar system :

Once CTs are installed, reach out to us & we will enable them in Enlighten. 

Refer to Page 5 on the attached PDF for a detailed explanation on this topic. 

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