Goodwe inverter Wifi connection guide

Goodwe inverter Wifi connection guide

Required before initiating the sequence

  • Physical access to your Goodwe inverter.
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Patience, the average reconnection time is 10mins.


Step 1: Activate WiFi Access Point

1. Open your Goodwe SEMS Portal app on your smartphone or tablet and select Wi-Fi Configuration in the bottom right-hand corner of the login screen.

2. Make sure your Goodwe inverteris powered ON and select next. 

3. Select the Go Into WLAN setting interface button, a pop up will appear with all the information you need to connect to your inverter network.

Step 2: Connect device WiFi

Open up the WiFI Settings on your smartphone or tablet and find your solar inverter network “Solar-WiFi########” and enter the password “12345678”.

Once you’ve connected to the inverter network, reopen the Goodwe SEMS app.

Step 3: Network setup

Within the Goodwe SEMS Portal app, select Next again.

When prompted, select “the desired wireless network for the inverter” (your home WiFi network) and select Connection.

You’ve successfully configured your inverter and the power light or WiFi light should now be solid (no flashing).


Prefer video? Here is the manufacturer-produced video of the Goodwe Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.



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