Enphase IQ Battery Training

Enphase IQ Battery Training

This Article is to help guide you through the Enphase online training which is necessary to complete the installation of your solar system with Enphase IQ batteries.

In order to complete the Enphase Encharge certification process, you will need to go through a few steps.
  • Register for an Enphase Enlighten manager account
  • Register for the online course through Enphase University and access the installer toolkit
  • Complete the online course and obtain the provisional certificate
  • Submit Certificate to obtain temporary login credentials 

Here are the details for completing these steps:
  • Register for an Enphase Enlighten manager account

The registration requires email verification, so you will need to create the account using a valid email.
Please click the link below to register for your new enlighten manager account.

Make sure you choose the do-it-youself option as this will grant you access to the Installer toolkit, which you will need to commission the system.
Below is a sample of what the registration should look like:

  • Register for the online course through Enphase University and access the installer toolkit

Login to the Enphase training portal using the login you created in the previous step:

Download the installer Toolkit 3.0 app using one of the links below:

Register for the course EES (Enphase Energy System) 3.0 IQ Battery 5P and request access. Once access is granted, you will need to complete the course to obtain your provisional certification. 
Login to the Installer Toolkit 3.0 using the same login created in the previous step. 
PLEASE be sure you can login to both Enphase University and the Toolkit before starting the course.

Below are some images for guidance through the University webpage to request access to the course:

Once You sign up for the course, you will receive an email from universitynoreply@enphase.com in 24 hours. They might require more information from you in order to grant you the access for the online course. 

You can reply to that email with the following:

Yes, I am a self installer and will be installing an Enphase IQ system including IQ 8s and IQ 5Ps. Attached are the set of plans for the project.
Please approve my request and let me know if you have any questions or concerns

Reply with this same message and attach your Solar Planset in that email. 

Once approved, you will receive an email about the enrollment:

Now you can start your course for IQ Battery 5P:

  • Complete the online course and obtain the provisional certificate

Once the online course is completed, please reply to help@gogreensolar.com with a copy of the provisional certificate.

  • Submit Certificate to obtain temporary login credentials

Once the provisional certificate is received, we can work together to complete the commissioning process with the temporary login credentials.

Here is a link to the commissioning video from Enphase. You can watch this once you complete the online certificate: 

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help creating the account or logging in.

Click the following link to schedule a call: https://calendly.com/ggssaltorres